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H.A.R.T. ~ Homeless Animals Rescue Team
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Mesa, AZ  85211-0606

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H.A.R.T. officially incorporated as a small business and charity in 2011 after an arduous, almost-year-long ordeal of paperwork, applications, meetings with an attorney, phone calls and bank meetings.  Special thanks to Joan Livesay, of Nine Lives Foundation for helping us make this happen!

H.A.R.T. has blossomed over the last several years and has become organized, tried, and tested.  We are still a work in the making, but have experienced enough about "rescue" efforts to know what we are and are not capable of doing.  We exist because of the network of connections that we have established over the years.  We exist because of charitable donations from friends and people in the community who believe in what we're doing (and now can offer bona-fide tax-deductible receipts to our donors).  We exist because we believe that what we are doing is right and necessary.

In a nutshell, H.A.R.T. volunteers coordinate monthly trap jobs for TNR, feed over 130 free roaming cats daily,  and rescue cats, kittens (and dogs when able to do so), preparing the rescue animals for adoption through other rescue groups that either have an adoption center venue or a no-kill shelter.  

To date, it is estimated that H.A.R.T. volunteers have: 
*Spayed and neutered over 3,500 cats through TNR using services provided by AZ Cats, ADLA's Spay Neuter Hotline,               grants, various free spay/neuter clinics, private donation, as well as personal funding
*Helped place over 1,400 cats, kittens and dogs into either a rescue group's care or loving homes
*Micro-chipped over 500 animals in an effort to protect pets and reunite them with their family if ever lost 

Please navigate to our Mission statement for further information about who we are.

HART is NOT a shelter for Homeless animals and does NOT accept intakes from the public. 

Please read our Community Resources Page for humane and legal options for the feral and stray cats in your neighborhood...



Cali and Kiwi...our first two rescues!

H.A.R.T. has been in existence since May of 2005 as an effort that began with us helping a colony of cats outside of an industrial work place in Tempe, AZ.  A litter of four kittens was discovered on the premises and all four adorable kittens were socialized and were rescued and placed into three loving homes: one of those homes was ours.  All of the feral cats at this business were spayed and neutered through Trap, Neuter & Return (TNR), and there have been no more kittens born at this location since.  This website is dedicated to "Cali" and "Kiwi," the two female kittens from this first litter of rescues, that stole our hearts and found their forever home with us.